Meet the makers


Prokritee is a fair trade company in Bangladesh that supports over 1,500 artisans in rural areas.

Prokritee’s mission is to develop the social and economic capacity of poor, rural, disadvantaged women in Bangladesh by creating productive employment opportunities and sustainable links to the world market. The women they employ make home decor, accessories and handmade paper products, using renewable sources of materials such as recycled sari, waste jute, silk, handmade paper, natural fibers and leaves.

Prokritee provides a safe and healthy working environment and pays fair wages. They provide opportunities for women and men to develop their skills and actively promote applications from women for job vacancies and leadership positions in the organization. The organization also takes into account the special health and safety needs of pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. 

Prokritee makes our beautiful PaperArt Cases.

earth friendly

earth friendly is a company based in Goa, India. We develop unique lamps that we make ourselves, with traditional Indian craftsmanship, in fair and eco-friendly conditions.

Our goal is to create beautiful products to make people around the world happy. Together with our international design team, we create new ideas that are hand-crafted with high-quality materials.

Our principles include good working conditions, fair wages and protecting the environment, as well as treating everyone in the value chain in a polite and respectful manner. We call it the “earth friendly way”, and it is a code of conduct that guarantees we comply with the highest international standards. 

Each of earth friendly's co-workers are paid above average wages and therefore participate in the success of earth friendly.

earth friendly make our Juno and Starlightz range.

Kami no Kousakujo, Japan

A creative curiosity and love of paper led the CEO of a Japanese paper company, Fukunaga Print, to establish the Kami no Kousakujo (Paper Workshop) project. Akiyoshi Yamada transformed a printing shop on the outskirts of Tokyo into a fun-loving paper laboratory.

Each year, Kami No Kousakujo collaborates with a range of contemporary designers on a new theme. The designers are then left to their own devices, and their imaginative and extraordinary final creations are printed by Fukunaga Print.

Each year they produce a new collection of inventive and unusual stationery, games, objects or homewares. Proving that the possibilities are endless when it comes to paper!

Kami No Kousakujo produce our incredible models, treasure boxes and innovative stamp kit.

Clara Von Zweigbergk

The Themis range is designed by the Stockholm graphic designer Clara Von Zweigbergk.

Clara graduated from the Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm, and continued her studies at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA. 

After nine years working in the design world, she opened her studio in Stockholm, pursuing a great interest in paper, colour, typography and form. The projects range from visual identities, photo art direction and a growing series of products. 

The colours in each mobile are handpicked by her during the creative process.

Yusuke Oono

Yusuke Oono is an architect/design-engineer who uses his design skills to form incredible 3D 40-panel books. Laser cut and unfolding panel by panel, each story tells itself in 3D as a diorama of silhouettes. 

Born in Germany, Yusuke Oono trained at the University of Tokyo, and is currently working at a design firm based in Tokyo and Taipei. Yusuke has worked on a variety of design projects including landscape, interior, furniture, product, graphic and exhibition plannings.

We are lucky enough to stock Yusuke's 360 Deep Jungle Lampshade, and 360 Sweet Home mobile.

See more of Yusuke Oono's tiny fairy tales here.