My love for paper

I have always loved paper. 

The feel of it, the heft of it, the versatility of it. You can write on it, paint, etch and imprint. It can be the holder of dreams, wishes, and your inmost secrets. You can form it into almost anything, from the tiniest origami animal, to a sculpture in an art gallery.

It has brought us books, and knowledge, and an understanding of lives other than our own. It has safeguarded history - legends, tales, and mystery across the ages. It brings the past into the present, and allows the present to contribute to the future.

Paper is an incredible resource, and most importantly, it’s renewable.

And when you think about it, it’s a bit magic.

My inspiration

As a family, we try to tread gently on this precious planet. We make, bake, create and compost, and live as plastic free as possible.

As a mother of three children, I felt overwhelmed by the plastic that surrounds them daily, in their toys and decor, and I began to feel a desperate need to address the balance. What if toy and decor options were eco-friendly and renewable? And best of all, made of paper.

The eureka moment came when friends of ours, travelling in Japan, sent us three Top to Tail models. They were extraordinary. And exactly the sort of thing I loved. And I immediately thought - this is it! People need to have paper toys in their lives. Paper everything! And here we are. 

I hope you enjoy the paper journey. A new and gentler form of entertainment. Quality not quantity. Getting back to the basics.

Much love and paper folding happiness,

Lucy x